About Punks In The Community?

This website is a project by the charity Stay Up Late so we can share more about what we’ve learned in creating a grassroots charity.

Stay Up Late went from being a campaign by the punk band Heavy Load to becoming a national movement and a charity.

The focus is:

  • Campaigning and activism, fighting for the right to party and an ordinary life
  • Starting a charity
  • Licencing a project (learning from our experience with Gig Buddies)

This blog is all about the stories that inspire us to create a better world, particularly in social care, we’ll share our thoughts and experiences and a few weird anecdotes from the Heavy Load days that have shaped the charity and the way we work.

Join the Conversation

This blog is about sharing experiences, sparking ideas, and making a difference. Dive in, learn about Gig Buddies, social care innovation, and being a change-maker.

Want to Know More?

Watch Paul’s TedX Brighton talk to get a deeper look at our work and the story behind Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies.


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