Does the dream of launching a new charity make you stay up late at night?

As an activist it’s probably not something you planned to do, but you find yourself needing to do something to address an issue you’ve experienced.

We’ve been there and found there’s a lot to learn. This blog site is pulling back the curtain on the lessons learned in creating the charity Stay Up Late and the international Gig Buddies friendship project. Two projects that tackled the challenges of starting from scratch.

The focus of Punks In The Community

We’ll shares our experiences on:

  • Starting a charity or non-profit
  • Social franchising and scaling a project
  • Changing cultures in social care
  • The odd, bizarre story from the Heavy Load vaults that got us in this place to start with.

If you see a problem and get that itch to do something about it we hope this blog will give you some insights into our approaches, we’ll share the practical tips, the strategic stumbles (and triumphs!), and our general thoughts on improving cultures in social care.We hope it will help you turn your vision into a sustainable force for positive change.

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